Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Nose

Well, it is just as I knew in my heart. I have precancerous lesions on pretty much the entire surface of my nose. And I was extremely freaked out by it this morning when I got home, but I am at peace with it now. It is just precancerous, and he did freeze it all off this morning. Once it all heals, I plan on making an appointment with a dermatologist that specializes in skin cancer just to have a good look-over. I just didn't really gel with the doc today.

So now I will have to be even more cautious than ever. Scott makes fun of me the way I chase the children around applying sunscreen all day. Now I will be even worse I am sure. And I will have to be very careful of my own nose. The derm I went to said it is a bit rare to see this in a woman of my age and skin tone, but it must not be too uncommon. I'll have to find me a wide brimmed hat and sit out by the pool drinking mint juleps or something. I am going to feel (and look) like a total idiot with a big 'ole hat on all day. But I guess that's better than removing the nose.

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