Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mr. Governor

Unless you have not turned on the television or you simply cannot understand the English language, you must know about the dear New York governor who paid over four thousand dollars to get laid. I mean, just the thought is insane to me. Four grand could get me a lot more than laid. And I am always blown away by the poor wife that has to stand there during the press conference for her low-life husband. Does anyone remember the governor that had to come out and admit that he was gay (I can't remember what state and it has been well over a year ago)? I watched in horror as he comes clean with the nation and his precious, cute as a button wife standing beside him in absolute embarrassment. I mean, can you imagine? If my husband was stupid enough to pay a prostitute $4,000 for sex or to have an illicit affair with another man whilst acting as governor, I just don't think I could ever stand by his side again. Not even at a birthday party, much less on live television.

What is Spitzer thinking? Oh, wait... he's a man flooded with testosterone and power. He's not thinking. Obviously. Four thousand dollars for something he could have gone home and gotten for free. And I won't pretend he got the kind of relations from the call girl (apparently that's the politically correct term for a hooker these days) that he would have received from his wife. But isn't the end result the same? And now, he must face not only his wife but his two teenage daughters. Can you imagine how betrayed they must feel? The man that has taught them to respect themselves and how they should be treated by a boy on a date has resorted to paying a woman for sex. Talk about mixed messages. I know as parents, we are all guilty to some degree of sending mixed signals of what is right or wrong. But we don't all put ourselves in the position for public scrutiny. There is just a different and higher level of responsibility for public officials, whether they like it or not. And I don't really see many reaching the bar.

What a sad world. I know it has always been this way, and will be until the end of time, but I am just discouraged lately at such blatant immorality.


Rebecca said...

Sometimes I don't watch the news, just because it is too depressing. There was a news story not to long ago on FoxNews that made me so upset, I got lightheaded. What is wrong with people?

Erika said...

His name reminds me of that joke during your drama days at ACA, "Spitzer? I don't even know her." I agree though, if I was his wife I would have left him to hang out dry.