Monday, March 10, 2008

Lovely Sunday

Saturday morning, we awoke to a light dusting of snow. Blah. I am tired of the cold and, frankly, don't even want to see snow if it's not enough to get out and play in. So, I sent the kids out on the deck (that's really the only place it stuck) and I pulled the blinds up so I could monitor them in the warmth of the house. It didn't last long, as this was more of a wet snow, not at all like the beautiful snow we had a couple of months ago. David came running in after fifteen minutes and his hands were freezing. He then said, "I'm ready for summer." Amen, brother.

And then, just twenty-four short hours after the falling of snow, came the most beautiful day ever. You've just got to love the South. We were heathens yesterday and didn't go to church. Our little alarm clock (aka Madalyn) slept in and we did as well. And we just played outside the whole day. Literally, the whole day. We even ate lunch on a blanket in the front yard with our neighbors. We were sitting there and cars were passing by and I told my neighbor that we must look like the American dream. Well, last night, I had a baby shower to attend at 5:00. When I arrived home around 7:30, I was hoping to find the kids all cleaned up and ready for bed. No such luck. And their little faces were so sun burned. Who thinks about sunscreen the day after it snows? I asked David if they had eaten dinner yet, and he replies, "Yeah, we had some Cheetos and I ate two Pop Tarts. Oh, and I had a little bit of steak." Oh, well. I guess that counts.

I did get a run in yesterday. I am really getting into this running stuff. There's just something about it. I thrive off a challenge, and getting my body to run is definitely that. I feel like it is getting a little easier, maybe. I just need to work on my endurance and stamina. I am really excited for summer when I can get in the pool and swim laps. That will really build up some endurance. Okay, I officially have a boring life. When you are excited about running and swimming laps, you have reached an all time low.

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