Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a Good Thing

I have always been a huge fan of Martha Stewart. Until that nasty little prison term for whatever she did that was illegal. But I do still admire the fact that she has her own chickens and irons her linens and adorns picture frames with simple things such as acorns. For serious, I watched an episode where she glued acorns all around a basic frame and it was beautiful. Anyway - in her old show, she used to have a segment and she would end it with, "It's a good thing." So here's my tribute to Martha. There are several good things from this weekend. First off, it's a good thing I have been sterilized. My friend and neighbor Keri had her little baby boy five weeks early on Friday. He is so tiny. And so are his socks and all his little baby clothes. In an effort to be helpful upon his unexpected early arrival, I washed a load of said tiny baby clothes. I had forgotten the pleasant aroma of Dreft. Like I said, it's a good thing I can't have any more babies.

It's also a good thing to be beaten into a pulp by your biggest rival in tee ball. I mean, some may say it sucks to lose (and it does), but I would say that a good loss every now and then just humbles you and makes you work harder. This is David's first real loss. Last year, he enjoyed baseball, but he really did not understand it. This being his second year, he has immersed himself in the sport and is loving every minute of it. When his little team got drilled into the ground on Saturday, he was very disappointed. And so were his parents. We want to see him and all his little team succeed. But I feel it will be a valuable lesson to him about hard work and working together as a team.

Orange paint is also a good thing. Especially when you can put it back in the garage along with all the painting tools because you are finally finished painting your son's room. I didn't think I would ever finish. And I still have some touching up to do on one of the walls, but it's nothing that the eye of a six year old little boy can detect. Me and my dumb rear made the mistake of telling my husband, "Wow! Wouldn't it be cool to pain the ceiling navy blue?" At first he didn't agree, but after seeing the orange on the wall, he understands my vision and is all psyched to do it. I have never painted a ceiling but can tell just from plain common sense that it is no easy feat. Hopefully, I can stall him for a while, because to be honest, I don't want to hold another paint roller for quite some time.

And one more good thing from this weekend is that I can now walk without a limp and put on regular shoes. Which means that this morning I will get dressed and go to purchase some better footwear for running. I only hope I will be able to run today. Running; it's a good thing.

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