Monday, March 24, 2008

Back to Normal

It may sound ugly to some, but I was glad to drop David off at school this morning. And will be equally ecstatic to take Madalyn tomorrow. A whole week of entertaining the both of them, as well as the husband being off work for a few days, have left me utterly exhausted. We had a good time, but I am glad to return to the mundane everyday of actually getting the laundry done.

Friday, we visited Desoto Caverns. I am a nerd at heart and secretly relish the history and science behind wonders such as these. I also had a surprising trip down memory lane. As we were waiting for our tour of the cavern to begin, I noticed this group of teenagers running about acting like, well, teenagers. And when the announcement came on overhead that there were only five minutes until the next scheduled tour, here they all came to get in line with us. I looked at Scott and said, "Great." They were so loud and annoyingly bubbly. And obnoxious. I mean, I really didn't like teenagers when I was one. So, I really don't like them now. When we got inside the cave, you sit down and they talk about the history a little and then turn off all the lights for you to experience total darkness. They request that you turn off all your cameras and cell phones that might radiate light so that you can truly experience the darkness. Of course, one of the teenagers was the only one to flash their camera during the dark time. And they were shamelessly flirting with our tour guide who looked, at best, fresh out of his teens as well. Did I mention how loud they were? And obnoxious? I commented to Scott, "I hope I didn't act like that when I was that age." Oh, but I did. Especially the flirting and loud part. I can remember every where I went flirting shamelessly with anything or anyone that closely resembled a male. It was ridiculous. And I know that I was loud. And I laughed loudly at really stupid things that didn't make any sense to the majority of the human population. And I had fun. So then I realized, was I irritated that the teenagers were being loud and obnoxious? Or was it because the obnoxious teenagers were having a lot more fun than I was? Hmmm...

Yesterday was nice. We dressed in our Easter outfits that were intended for last year, the year both kids got sick with the flu, and headed to the 11:00 service, which is so much easier to get to than the 9:30. And it was a beautiful service, not really even the typical Easter service, but really very challenging. And the music was just phenomenal. But I am so fortunate to go to a church where Kevin Derryberry is the music minister. He has an amazing and inspiring story and just a truly God-given talent for music. Well, it was just a nice day. Easter eggs and too much food and the works. But like I said, it's back to normal today. Which is better than any sun-filled day you could give me at this point.

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