Monday, February 4, 2008


Tonight, I will be glued to the television set. At 8:30, ABC will air a special about the secretly taped conversations of Joran Vandersloot (even spell check wouldn't help me with that one). I am very anxious to see what all the hype is about.

I was personally drawn to the case when first revealed in the media. A young, seemingly innocent, high school girl. Such a promising life ahead of her. Just a young girl on the trip of her life having a good time. But made one fatal decision that ended her life - getting into that car. I did it at the age of seventeen. It was my first summer working at the Gap. A group of boys came into the store, and I, of course, started flirting and somehow ended up with two of them in my car riding to pick up another friend to just go ride around. With two perfect strangers. My parents had no idea what I was up to, and had they have known, they would have hit the roof. If anything had happened to me, no one would have known who they were or where they were from. My only memory of them was that they were in town for an indoor soccer tournament. How stupid I was! And I was a good kid. I didn't drink. I didn't smoke. I was incredibly innocent. And incredibly stupid. I have since told the story to my parents and added that I must have had a protective bubble around me. Because there are more stupid stories to tell. Many more.

I remember looking at Natalie's picture and thinking that she just looked like every girl - any girl. Possibly even my daughter at some point down the road. That is why I am so drawn to the story. So hoping that they will finally be able to nail the bastard that took her from her mother.

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Erika said...

Like you said, we were the "good" kids and it's still a wonder we survived!