Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So Blessed

I am so fortunate to have both my grandmothers still living. Of course, they are both in their eighties and hard of hearing and ailing to some degree, but they are still with us and able to pass along their wisdom. Which is priceless.

I am sure it angers my mother a little that I call my dad's mom more than my mom's. My maternal grandmother is very hard of hearing and has not really enjoyed talking on the phone as long as I can remember. It is just a difficult process and she often ends up terminating the call abruptly, and you just leave the conversation more confused than when you started. And my dad's mom is (do not laugh Erika, because you would be the only one who would laugh at this) sort of a kindred soul. She is fiesty and outspoken, way more so than I, and has an imagination and creativity that is unbelievable. She has told me my whole life that there is a writer inside of me somewhere, and perhaps she is right. But she has always been someone whom I could talk with about my spiritual journey and marriage and mothering. And she knows what I am going through, because she raised three children and stayed married to the same man despite the difficulties. And she also had a spiritual journey somwhat like mine. She started to truly develop into a Christian in her thirties, telling me she remembers a yearning in her heart that she just could not understand. Every time I talk to her, I hang up feeling better. She has mellowed out so much in the past few years and has become such a comforting spirit and encourager to me. And she is just such a blessing.

I plan to make a phone call to my other grandmother today as well. A dear old friend of hers passed away this morning, and I just want to tell her how sorry I am. Because my mom's mother is so sweet and tender hearted. I have never met a woman as gentle in spirit as she. And so talented with her hands. She made nearly every dress I wore growing up. What an amazing joy to call these two women my grandmother. I couldn't have any better of an example laid before me.

Now, if this darn spell check doesn't start working again real soon, I'll just have to stop blogging. The dictionary is helpful, but way too time consuming. I do have other things to do, you know.

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Erika said...

Good ole' Marzey. :)