Friday, February 1, 2008

Smarties Love Hearts

I just thought I would share some good news with all my fellow sugar addicted candy fools out there. My favorite childhood candy, Smarties, has broken the tradition of the tiny little circle and created the Love Heart, a much larger version of the Smartie, with little sayings on them for Valentine's Day. What's there not to love about them? They are the same tart and sweet little treat, just bigger. It is just a flavor that I still love. It reminds me of every holiday really, because you can find them in nearly every goody bag for any holiday party. I don't know a single person that does not like Smarties. Well, maybe one - my husband - but he is strange anyway, so he doesn't count.

I think my life has reached an all time low. This is what it has come to. Blogging about Smarties.

Perhaps I should send a bag to Britney Spears. I would assume that she could benefit from some good, old fashioned candy therapy right now. I have kept silent about the obvious state of her affairs until today because it seems like her story is every where. It is the top story of nearly every news channel, it's on both my homepages, and it seems every unrelated interview with anyone includes a question about her. How embarrassing, really, to have the entire world realize that you are in so desperate need of help but there doesn't really seem to be a good solution for you. Kind of ironic. I just think the whole deal is so sad, you know. She is obviously a woman disturbed and on the verge of a complete breakdown, if one hasn't already occured. And the two small kids missing out on what every child deserves - a stable, loving mother who is there to give hugs and kisses. What saddens me the most is that Brtiney Spears is one of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, who are struggling with mental illness and not getting the help they need. And most people struggling do not have the resources nor the attention that a celebrity has at their disposal. I just hope they can get her back on track so that she can enjoy a life with her children and maintain some sense of normalcy. If that really exisits.

One more thing before I go. My spell check is not working and it is diving me crazy because I am horrible at spelling and make a ton of typos and need spell check to not look like an idiot. So, if you find any mispellings, please ignore them and know that I am smart. Well, I used to be.


Erika said...

"diving" Sorry, I couldn't resist. It was just so funny that it was in the paragraph talking about the spelling.

tamara said...

I told you I need the spell check.