Tuesday, January 22, 2008

William Bronner Burgess

I am sure that those of you that live in Alabama have heard of this little angel. He was the son of Rick Burgess, co-host of the morning show Rick and Bubba. I listened every day on my morning commute to work many years ago and then we would listen some at our desks in the morning. The show was always funny, always uplifting, always honoring the Lord. Little Bronner drowned in the family pool on Saturday evening, and today he will be honored with a memorial service.

I have thought constantly about this little boy, his family, their grief. I have to force myself to stop thinking about it at times because I know that my fret does no one any good. You see, little Bronner was around the same age as Madalyn. And we also have a pool in our back yard. And I know first hand how cold that water is at this point in the winter season. Our water registers a frigid 41 degrees. And I just can't stop thinking about how icy my hand feels when I reach down in the water to pull the skimmer basket out or to retrieve a leaf. So I think about that precocious little boy falling into the water and not knowing what to do and fighting for his life and losing. Then I think of Madalyn. And that's why I have had to force myself to shift my thoughts.

All I can do really is pray for them. There are no words you could possibly say to ease a family's pain. Besides, I don't know them and have never met little Bronner. But I know one thing for certain. I will never look at our pool the same. And I will be more vigilant each day making sure that know where Madalyn is and what she is doing. I know that you can't keep up with them every second of the day, but that precious boy's life could not possibly be lost in vain. And I know for certain that the Burgess family, being the incredible God serving people they are, will find a way to bring glory to their God even through their tears.


Erika said...

We've had a couple of kids down here lately that that happened to as well. Larry's dad has been bugging Marc to bug us to put the net on. I think I may do that. I can't even imagine.

Bethany said...

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it either. It makes me so sad.. It brings me to tears everytime I think about it. I wanted to go to the funeral today but was unable to.

Rebecca said...

My mom called my Sunday night with the news. I felt as if she was telling me about a member of my family. It is just unthinkable.

Kristine said...

I have thought of nothing but this accident since it happened. I hugged my 3 precious children a little too long and maybe a little too hard, but I was afraid to let them go. My three year old son told me how much he loved me tonight and I boohoo'd right there, holding him. I lift the Burgess family up because only God can give them strength and He will. Peace be with them!