Monday, January 21, 2008


I have been tagged by Rebecca to share five random, weird things about myself. That should be easy...

1. I had six screws in my jaw - three in the left side, three in the right - until this past July. I had to have them removed because they were beginning to poke through.

2. I have never had my ears pierced. My father wouldn't let me when I was growing up, telling me that, "If God had wanted you to have holes in your ears, he would have made them that way." I wanted to get them pierced several years ago but was told I needed a doctor to do it. I have a mole right where the hole would be on my right ear lobe. Maybe my dad had a point all along.

3. I do not eat seafood. Not fish, not shrimp, not lobster. None of it. I hate the way it smells, and to me, it all tastes the way it smells. My husband makes me try everything he orders, though. If you put enough lemon juice on any of it, then I can stomach it. But, if you have to put lemon juice on something to eat it, then why eat it?

4. I have never had a speeding ticket. And I probably shouldn't have included that fact, because, now, I will probably get a ticket this week.

5. I am shamelessly addicted to reality TV. Pretty much all of it, with the exception of Survivor and Big Brother. I have never gotten into either one of those. But the rest of it - The Bachelor, The Real World, The Hills, Rock of Love, The Girls Next Door, Doctor 90210, etc. and so on - I will watch for hours upon hours, as long as my kids are not in the room. I am not proud of this. Some of it is mindless smut. But mindless smut can be quite entertaining sometimes. And, it reminds me that I am indeed normal and boring. Thank God.

That was fun! Unfortunately, anyone I would have tagged has already been tagged. But now, hopefully you know all you ever needed to know about me.

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