Friday, January 11, 2008

The Sugar Bowl

This morning, I did something I seldom do. I left Madalyn, unattended, watching tv while I showered. We had several errands to run today, and sometimes, I actually like to look presentable, with makeup and hair fixed. I knew she would get into something. I can just never be certain what it will be.

When I got dressed, I went looking for the damage. The little chair she eats in was pulled up to the counter in front of my coffee pot. The sugar bowl was missing. I went looking for her and found her in the floor of her brother's room with bowl of sugar. She had her hand dipped in the sugar and was eating it. Eating the sugar. This is about the third time I have caught her doing this. She doesn't care if I spank her. She doesn't care if I fuss at her. She just waits until I am in the tub or on the phone or otherwise involved and she goes to whatever means necessary to get what she wants. Today, it was the sugar. The other day, it was an apple larger than her head. Who knows what it will be tomorrow. Oh, whatever. I just pray she doesn't fall and break her arm while trying to retrieve her next unreachable.

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Erika said...

I used to eat spoon fulls of sugar. I know that doesn't make it any better though.