Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Baby Girl

Today is Madalyn's third birthday. It seems like yesterday that I laid in that hospital bed, IV in my wrist, waiting for the contractions to pick up so that I could meet her. She did not come willingly. Neither one of my chidren did. Daivd was six days post due date, and Madalyn was five. So, somewhere out there in the universe, there are eleven days of complete and utter bliss awaiting me. Somewhere.

Anyway... I was talking to my mom this morning and we were discussing how she just seems so grown up all the sudden. She is speaking more plainly, and she is wearing her big girl panties, which make her look older because she doesn't have the diaper booty anymore. And I asked my mom, "Why do the days seem so long, yet the months go by so quickly?" I don't get that. I just wish I could slow down and appreciate the days more and not focus so much on how soon I can get them in the bed.

My heart is saddened today for my sweet baby girl growing up so quickly. Knowing that I won't have another baby - even though I am 100% certain I do not need another to take care of - is very sad. Oh, a baby. There is nothing sweeter! Their precious little hands and feet, the little noises they make, the smell of their little baby head. Their irreplacable innocence. My baby is a baby no more. She is every day becoming more little girl and less little baby. And that is so hard to watch and accept. It is exciting and bewildering, but hard for a mother to realize that that precious baby they held in their arms, can now ride a Princess bicycle.


Erika said...

Happy Birthday, Madalyn! I think it's funny that Madalyn and Ella's birthdays are so close, just like yours and Kristin's. (Of course, there are the two years, but shhh, it's still ironic.)

carrie said...

I hope she had a good birthday! Time does go so fast. It is hard to believe that Todd will be 6 soon! He has suddenly become a daddy's boy. That makes me sad.

Kristin said...

That is ironic - two days between our birthdays and their birthdays. I wonder if most women just never get over that desire to hold a tiny baby in their arms? God obviously made us that way. I think most men enjoy that feeling without downright craving it like we do. But the tiny baby grows up and becomes a feisty toddler (at least in our home), and at some point you just have to draw the line I guess, and stop having babies. I wish I was ready to do something permanent, but I'm not. Or am I?

Kristin said...

And happy birthday to Madalyn!