Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Have A Life

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Or, should I say, that, as usual, I am not committed? I think the latter would be more appropriate. But I think for someone as technologically unadvanced as me, I am doing pretty good. Of course, if I had more than two readers, I might blog a little more.

Madalyn just asked, "Where's my dapooter?" Well, dear, I don't rightly know where your dapooter is.

Anyway - just a thought for the day. I love Court TV. Well, now it is actually called TruTV or something like that. Whatever. It is about the law and the judicial system and all that jazz really fascinates me. Had I have been a little more committed (we seem to have a running theme today) to college, I might have finished my undergrad in English and could have pursued my fascination with the law and made quite a career out of it. But, instead, I quit school, had kids, and chose a life where I don't shower until 2:00 pm. But, who's judging? All this to say that OJ Simpson is behind bars again. First of all, if you have grey hair and find yourself behind bars, you've probably got issues. And when your name is OJ, and you have been behind bars several times, you definitely have major issues. I mean, seriously, if I were this dude, I think I would just stay on the beach sipping Pina Coladas all day, staying as far away from anything that could be misconstrued as trouble. But not dear Orenthal James. He's everywhere. He creates his own drama. He sets up his own sting operation to recover stolen property. One would think being found "not guilty" of your ex-wife's murder would be enough to make you want to live by the letter of the law. But apparently, they didn't teach that sort of common sense in OJ's high school. Well, Juice, if you are reading this blog, and you are fortunate to see the light of day today after that hearing, honey please lay low. That's probably what your Mama would say to you.

That's just my social commentary for the day. I am sure the world is now a better place...

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Erika said...

And if you know OJ's real name, then you have problems. ha ha just kidding, sorta. <3