Friday, January 18, 2008

The Hope For Snow

The weather man is using that four letter word on the TV. How dare he! How dare that man get us all excited and leave our children in a tizzy over the thoughts of that mushy, slushy stuff! I only hope its true... David has, of course, never really seen snow. It snowed when he was a baby, but he has no memory of that. All I have from that occasion is a picture of our cute little house in Montgomery covered in white.

We are scheduled for a basketball game in the morning, but I am sure it will be cancelled. We Alabamians are not prepared for driving in the snow, ice, or sleet. And I suspect that if it really does snow, if we really do get even the slightest bit of wintry weather, I will not leave the house tomorrow. Not even for a YMCA basketball game. Hmmm... go watch six year old boys stand on their defensive spot swatting at other uncoordinated boys attempting to shoot a basketball, or play in the snow? Hopefully, snow.


Rebecca said...

You've been tagged...see my blog for details :)

And it is supposed to snow here too...we will see.

carrie said...

Did you get snow? I know that Rebecca did. I was just wondering if your kids got to play in it.