Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Abominable Zit

If a cat has seven lives, then how many would a zit have?

I have had this monstrosity of a zit on my chin for a month now. It started out as what I believed to be a large zit. It kinda dried up because I warm compressed it to death, and I am sure the pure rubbing alcohol I kept putting on it helped as well. Even though it looked better and didn't hurt anymore, it never really went away. Well, the stupid thing is back again, but it has spread out. I don't understand how I can be thirty-one years old and be a dedicated Poractiv user and still get a zit the size of a quarter on my chin. So embarrassing.


Erika said...

That's when I would call the derm and get one of those shots.

Rebecca said...

I have the worst cold sore right now. So, I can kind of relate. I didn't start getting these until I got married. (thanks hubby!)