Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Round Two

Well, round two with the cable people today. Basically, the first guy just didn't do it right the first time, which would have been easier on us all. What I failed to mention before about the new phone service is that our alarm was not working properly with it. So I had to call them back out to get that straightened out. And this morning, they came and stayed for over two hours. There is something to be said about how it feels to be trapped in your own home while strangers are there. With a toddler. Needless to say, I was so glad when they finally left and I feel as though I need to bum a sedative from someone. All that being said, our alarm is now communicating with our phone line, or vice versa. And the unsightly wires are now in the garage and I think everyone will be happier.

Yesterday, Scott was off work, and we had breakfast by ourselves and went out and found David a new bike. Last week, David took it upon himself to write Santa a list of all the things he wanted, most of which had already been purchased and some that were just completely out of the question but still dreams of his. But the one thing that we really hadn't thought about was a new bike. David had has his current bike for almost two years now, and he has completely outgrown it. We were trying to wait for his birthday in June, but when we saw it on his list, both of us were dying to buy one. Like I told Scott, being Santa is the one time of year you can spoil your children and not take the blame. I mean, it all came from Santa, right? So to Toys R Us we went and found the perfect one - orange and blue and flames to boot. He will absolutely love it, I am sure. And he rides his bike everyday. I have finally started allowing him to ride it down the street and he turns around and rides back to the house. I know the day is coming soon that he will ask to ride to some one's house or around the corner where I don't have a visual on him. He is growing up so fast. When we were looking at the bikes, we just kept saying that it looked too big for him but we knew it wasn't because it was the next size up. Anyway, Santa is broke and absolutely done with this household. And I feel it safe to say that we will have two very happy children on Christmas morning.

Other than that, not much else going on. I have been dealing with the daughter since about four this morning. She came and climbed in bed with me and not wanting to fight her, I let her stay. Between her hogging the bed and the husband snoring, I didn't get much sleep at all. And now she is crying in her bed trying to fight a nap she so desperately needs. I hope there is enough patience to last through the day today. Sometimes, I wonder.

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