Thursday, December 6, 2007

Merry Christmas To All!

Last night, I bit the bullet and bathed the kids early, dried their hair (a rarity for me), put on their Christmas pajamas, and snapped some photos in front of the tree for my cards this year. I was pleasantly surprised that they were excited about it. Madalyn exclaimed, "Yay!! I be nice to you mama and take de picture." And, as usual, Mr. Cool Daddy himself never has trouble posing for the camera. I only had to snap about ten and I got one that I think will look great! Phew. Mark that one thing off my list of 229 things to do in the next two weeks.

Now, on to current events. What is the deal with the crazies out there? I mean, I know they are out there living their crazy, chaotic lives. But why does crazy himself have to step into a department store full of innocent workers and shoppers during the Christmas season and open fire with an assault rifle? Oh, I am sorry - he lost his job at McDonald's and broke up with his girlfriend all in the same week. That's reason enough for anyone to go absolutely freaking bananas. Come on, folks out there who are not reading this blog. Let's pull ourselves together. Let's take care of our children and each other. Let's lend an ear when someone needs to talk. Let's offer support when it is due. And when someone shows you their new assault rifle they have just purchased, don't dismiss it. Perhaps take that as a clue that they may need some professional help and force them to find it. Because, this morning, in the news it was reported that he had shown his new rifle to the family he was staying with and they just dismissed it because the gun looked old and they assumed it did not work (true or not, I am not sure - but if it is true, this is quite disturbing). Are you freaking kidding me? If anyone showed me a rifle they had just purchased, unless they were an avid collector of some sort, and they had a troubled past like this kid's, I think I might take that as grounds for committal. Wouldn't you classify that as being a danger to yourself or others? I'm sorry. Normally I am quite sympathetic during these kinds of tragedies. And in a way, I am incredibly sympathetic - to those in this world who are suffering every day with mental illness and for one reason or another do not receive the help they need. Because, obviously, this kid was mentally ill. Obviously, he needed something along the way that he just didn't get. And I believe that we, as a society, need to start taking more responsibility for these people and paying attention to the little signs along the way that lead down this horrific path to violence.

I am just a little let down by the human race right now. It just seems we are all just spiraling down. My neighbor actually had her wallet stolen twice this week. Not once, but two separate times. The first time from her car (she guesses she accidentally left her doors unlocked) and the second from her own office where she works. In the second case, the man was actually caught and arrested. But still, what is the world coming to. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is nothing new - sin has existed long before I was thought of. But sometimes, the world just seems so saturated with evil that you just don't have much hope in mankind.


Erika said...

It's weird you should mention someone going into an office to steal a wallet. Just this week, a lady stopped by one of our other offices and then when the receptionist went to the restroom, the lady snuck back in and was rifling through the office when they found her, chased her down and held her till the police came. Crazy!

Rebecca said...

My sister had 3 pain pills stolen out of her purse at work yesterday. The sad part is she really couldn't believe that someone in her office would have done that. She didn't want to believe that someone would stoop to that level. I agree with you about this all. Sometimes I just have to turn the news of at risk of being too depressed.