Friday, December 28, 2007

Madalyn's First Post

Though I have been the subject of many, I have never actually authored a blog post. My crazy mama is especially neurotic today. And I must admit I am a little mad at her. For some reason she says we have to take down all the fun Christmas stuff. I don't know what I will do now that I don't have any ornaments to pull off the trees or that cool little light up train thing that I broke last week. Anyway - here's a little about me:

1. I am high maintenance. I will admit it in a hurry. I can only drink juice out of a Take and Toss cup and milk only out of a regular sippy cup. Do not get this confused. Oh, and after you fix me both, because I never can really decide what I want, I will probably demand a cup of water - in a Take and Toss cup. Also, I will not sit in a tub with anything floating in the water. Whether it be a blade of grass, a bath toy, a hair off my own head, or a small piece of a leaf, I will scream at the top of my lungs and climb out of the tub. And when you get there to save me from all that floats in the water, I will be standing there, bare hiney and all, shivering to death. There's more, but my attention span is pretty short too.

2. I love my budder. He is the coolest person in the world. And everything he says and does is funny, unless, of course, he takes something from me or won't give me what I want or won't let me have my way. Then I just scream and if I do this long enough, he will eventually give me what I want. But no matter what, I have to give my budder a kiss and a hug before bed. Even if my face is still wet with tears from a recent squabble.

3. I don't really need any toys. I find other ways to entertain myself. That's why I am so distressed about the Christmas stuff coming down. But I will be creative and find other things to occupy my time. Like this past May when I found that green Sharpie (mom still doesn't know where it came from) and colored all over my legs and arms and the wall and some on the carpet. Then mama found me and I thought she would hit the roof she was so mad. But she never stays mad for long. If she did, she would always be mad at me. Oh, and just today I was playing with my ham and mustard sandwich in the bathroom sink. Did anybody know that when you put water on a sandwich it gets all mushy? Oh and the mustard makes everything around it yellow, not that I know my colors or anything.

4. I have just learned that if I look at mom or dad and tell them you love them - just out of the blue, for no reason - they just turn to putty in my hands. Or I can always bat my eyes a little if that doesn't work. I have them figured out. Especially Daddy.

5. I love pink. And sparkle. And Cinderella and princess. Anything girly-girly. Especially my new pink Mustang I got from Santa this year. Well, at first Santa brought me a little one-seater jeep, but it couldn't make it up the hill of the drive way. Daddy said I needed more horsepower. Luckily, daddy worked a deal with Toys R Us and they said they would exchange it out for a shiny new Mustang. I love it, mainly because my daddy has a real Mustang and mine is just like his - except the pink. A Mustang is the only car I recognize and point out on the street by name. I'll say, "Hook at that Mustang!" (that's how I say look - hook - and mama and daddy both will be disappointed when I start to say it right)

Well enough about me. My mom's trying to teach me some manners these days. It is so hard to remember it all. That reminds me - thank you to Ella for tagging me to do this post.

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