Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Just When You Think

Just when I thought my day couldn't possibly get any better, my soon to be three year old precious little girl looks at me and says:

"I don't like you."

Lord, give me strength.


Kristin said...

I usually hear some version of this every few days or so. Typically about 5-10 minutes later I get an apology. Sometimes it just makes me mad and sometimes it really hurts my feelings, but I know he doesn't mean it - it's all he can say when he gets that mad with me. I remember writing little hate notes to my parents and shoving them under the door when I had been sent to my room. I guess, then, Eli just gets his anger management issues from me.

carrie said...

I have heard these words, too. Todd one day told me I was a mean mommy. It angered me that day so I said, "Oh, really. Does a mean mommy by your favorite snacks for your lunch? Does a mean mommy buy you special surprises? Does a mean mommy play Hot Wheels with you? Perhaps I should stop doing those thing to show you what a mean mommy is really like!" He looked at me and said, "No, please no. I only said it because I was mad!" He got the point. He has not called me that sonce then!

Erika said...

Shey tells Larry that all the time. Specifically, when I ask Larry to do something for Shey when he would rather me do it. Oh, the joys.