Monday, December 10, 2007

Club Libby Lu

I always say, "I would never go back!" I have never really wanted to relive my childhood, mainly because of adolescence. But after attending a birthday party at Libby Lu yesterday, my opinion has changed. I would definitely go back, as long as I knew I could go to Libby Lu a few times a year! Where were these places when I was a child? The only kind of stinking birthday parties we got to go to were Chucky Cheese or skating parties. No one did stuff like this! And I certainly never had a party away from home. We never had the money to do anything like that. Come to think of it, my kids have never had a birthday party away from home either. But David did get to have a swim party this year, so that counts for something. I digress...

It was so much fun to watch little Madalyn's experience yesterday! There were ten girls at the party, so it took a while for them to get their hair done and their nails painted and their makeup on. Madalyn has never sat so still and so patient before. She sat on one of the stools and didn't say a word, and I kept going over to her and asking her if she was okay. She would just nod her head and say, "I want to sit in that chair." She was referring to the seat you sat in to get your hair done. So, first, she got her makeup done and her nails painted. She was so proud of her little finger nails and still is. I have caught her several times just looking at them. Then they sprayed almost an entire bottle of hairspray in her pitiful excuse for hair and twisted and turned it up and placed a tiara on her tiny little head. She really believed that she was Cinderella. If I could take her once a month, I would. She had so much fun, and then when she got to take a goody bag home filled with all these cute little things, I thought her head would pop right off with excitement.

I can remember as a little girl playing in my mom's closet. I would try on her shoes and get her purses out and pretend to be big. And my grandmother had this big makeup kit with the most horrible colors of eyeshadow you could ever imagine. You would wet the brush and put it on. And it had all these different shades of lipstick. My cousin and I would play for hours with the makeup and a box of old clothes she had in her closet. It is just something little girls love to do. And it was so funny yesterday to watch these little girls in age range from late twos to five all react the same way. It is just born in us. The same way that you don't have to show a little boy how to push a toy car or truck - they just know. We just know to close our eyes when someone is smearing blue eyeshadow across our eyelids.


Erika said...

I remember playing with my grandmother's old clothes with my cousin too.

carrie said...

Those of us with no girls never get to experience girly things. Hot wheels is a girly as we get!