Friday, November 9, 2007

My Best Friend

I have been busy the last two days doing laundry and mopping floors and running errands. In case anyone who actually does read this blog does not know it yet, my best friend Erika is flying in tonight and spending the weekend with me. And , of course, I have to have the house clean to further promote the mythical belief in the All-American Housewife that is able to maintain spotless floors and wrinkle free clothing. But the most important thing is that I not have anything else to do while she is here. So we can hang out and do what most friends get to do, face to face. Which is talk, laugh, eat, shop, drink coffee, etc. This may not sound like much to some, but for me it is a part of friendship I truly miss.

I remember when Erika left Alabama for the chance at love and marriage with Larry. I was hopeful and excited about her future, but I hated to see her go. I was in my first marriage at that time, and she was the only one in the world that knew as well as I did that it would not last. She was probably the only person that hoped we would divorce, that I would find a way to get away from him. He simply did not love me, and already in our very fresh marriage had done things that were not acceptable. And I remember the day shortly before she moved when I took her a gift - a memory box. I felt so empty as I drove home that day. I felt so alone and so uncertain of our future as friends. I mean moving that far away meant that we would rarely see each other and when you are so young you never know what the future holds. We had always said in our naivety that we would get married and live next door to each other. Didn't work out as planned, as so many things never do.

And ten years later after the move, we remain the best of friends. We have been through so much together, mainly over the phone. And it seems so strange to feel so close to someone that I never see. She is the one person that knows me beyond a doubt. We don't have to explain our comments to each other. We don't have to try. She is the closest thing I have to a sister. We are truly best friends. And I am so excited to hang out with her this weekend!

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