Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I don't understand the attraction or fascination with marshmallows lately, but David has definitely gotten out of control. Monday they became a huge issue, as he wanted to "build a structure" (which seemed an odd wording for a six year old) with them. Apparently his class did an "experiment" (one of David's favorite words right now)with marshmallows last week. They were given ten marshmallows and toothpicks and were to build a structure. This is right up David's alley at the moment - he is all about discovery, especially science, and was so excited about his structure. So, yesterday, I opened David's backpack to get his folder and things out for homework and found a ziploc bag with a smooshed marshmallow/toothpick structure. I just left it in his backpack and tried to ignore it. Now, I know that children take an enormous amount of pride in things they have done, and I really try to respect that. But the amount of crap - for lack of a better term - that comes home from school is a bit ridiculous, and the majority of it ends up in the trash. The teachers send it home, I believe, so that they do not have to face the wrath of eighteen angry children in the classroom upon finding their precious creations in the trash. It would be a revolt! And I am sure that the teacher would not come out victorious. I just could not believe that these now hard marshmallows were sent home. Thank you, 1st grade teacher, for sparking an argument between me and my sassy six year old this morning. As if we need any help in that department.

This morning, as I opened his backpack and had my pretend discovery of said marshmallow whatever, I praised him for his efforts and expressed true admiration for his work. Followed quickly, of course, with, "You know we will have to throw this away." You would have thought I had cut off an appendage and tossed it in the trash. David has developed the most annoying whine since starting public school. I don't know if it is a part of the formal education or not, but if he received a grade on it, I am sure it would be an A+. And we can't forget about the huge attitude he has mainly toward me - his mother. I always try to explain things as best I can to David, despite the fact I want to just scream at him, "Because I said so and I am your mother!!" So I went into my spill about how marshmallows are made of sugar and that bugs are attracted to sugar and we just can't have that sort of thing sitting around in the house. I wanted to say, "You know, son, that's probably why your teacher sent it here. She doesn't want a family of roaches or ants infesting her classroom, same as I don't want them in my house. It's freaking gross." But I refrained from the latter and stuck to the purely logical explanation. And upon asking him if all of that made sense, he was forced to agree. But still the attitude. And then, in walks dad. "What's the deal? What's your problem, David?" So, we go over it and dad agrees with me. Luckily, when dad agrees with me, everything tends to go much smoother. I don't get that. Why does David think that I am a complete moron until his father agrees with me. Then I make perfect sense. I explained to him that it is simply unfair to me to get angry with me about things I can't control. I just can't wait until he's thirteen. I can't imagine what a joy it will be to have a conversation with him then if we are already having this much fun.

On a totally different note, I believe that Celine Dion is taking over the world. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, so I thought I might put the warning out. She's everywhere. Every channel. Every meaningless show. And it has made me realize, though I never knew I had a formal opinion on Celine Dion, that I only like her when I cannot see her. The sight of her singing and moving in her robotic sort of way just makes me nauseated. But listening to her on the radio is perfectly acceptable.


carrie said...

Todd has a thing for wanting to keep every paper he does at school, too. I discovered this when I threw away a meaningless color page away. He saw it and, with tears in his eyes, explained that he had worked very hard and it hurt his feelings that I had thrown it away. So, I had to got to another method because if I kept it all, I would have to rent a storage shed just for papers. So, I keep things that he does that shows creativity but meaningless papers I stack up and when I am about to take the trash out, I out those papers in it. He doesn't remember and so I don't hurt his feeling and I save the $ from a monthly storage unit!

Rebecca said...

Is it wrong to throw away papers from church?
Also, my friend Julie is a teacher and she let me in on a little secret. If there was a project that the children had done, that she didn't want to deal with after they had done it, she would go into another teacher's classroom and throw them all away. That way her kids didn't see it in the trash. Brilliant!

Erika said...

I too feel bad throwing away papers from church, but I sneak them in the trash anyway. I just can't take my house being even more cluttered than it already is. The boys' projects and colorings have already almost taken over the office closet.