Thursday, November 8, 2007

In the Wee Small Hours

I woke to the sound of little feet around 1 am this morning. It was Madalyn, and when I picked her up, I could instantly feel she had fever. So we made our way to the kitchen and took a dose of Motrin and I then laid down with her in her bed. It's moments like these that are so sweet. The moments where she is my child, someone who needs me and wants me there. No yelling, no squealing. Just cuddling and digging her little feet into my legs. She can be so sweet. Of course no one likes to wake up in the middle of the night and deal with a sick child. But right now with Madalyn, I am open to any time with her that I can actually enjoy her. We laid there for probably an hour and she talked to me in the sweetest little whisper and showed me all her friends that sleep with her in the bed. And finally, when I could tell that her fever was starting to go down, I told her that I was going back to my bed. Of course she got up a few times to try to join me, but finally drifted back to sleep. She has become some a force to be reckoned with during the day that it was so nice to have such a positive moment with her at such an unlikely time.


Erika said...

Just load her up with Motrin, overdose her if you have to because tomorrow,I am leaving on a jet plane.

Erika said...

yeah, but you have a 2 year old at home. Mine is in daycare. That makes a difference as well.

Rebecca said...

Madalyn sounds like Reese. He has this temper that can come from no where. But before I lay him down each night I rock and sing to him for just a few minutes. I look forward to this time every night, because this is when he sings with me and cuddles and actually gives me hope that we will make it through the next day.