Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Importance of Vinyl Flooring in Our Modern Society

When Scott and I found our house, it was as near being complete as it could be without being so. The only thing that was not finished was the flooring. And we instantly fell in love. It had everything we needed, and most importantly, it could be finished and ready for us to move in in three weeks - the scheduled closing on our home in Montgomery. But we were disappointed when we found out that the builder had planned to put vinyl flooring in the kitchen and all the bathrooms. We really wanted tile, but changing the plans would cost us extra money and time, neither of which we had. So vinyl flooring it was, and still is today.

Not until this morning did I fully appreciate vinyl flooring. Its versatility, resilience, durability. Madalyn threw up all over the kitchen floor this morning. When I say all over, I mean all over. She emptied the contents of her stomach, which mainly consisted of strawberry milk and her own saliva. What an easy clean-up! Just a few paper towels - well, several paper towels - followed up by a cleaning with the Lysol Kitchen disinfecting spray, and voila! Good as new. No pesky grout lines for vomit to stick to and fester germs. May not be the best of quality, but it's definitely a good choice for young families with children who do not know yet how to hang their head over the toilet or trashcan to vomit.

In case any of my two readers has not noticed, Madalyn has impeccable timing for her illnesses. She always has. And she is one of those whiny sick kids who wants you to sit and hold her and be with her all the time. And that would be fine if I didn't have like twenty people coming here day after tomorrow. But I guess it will all work out. It always does. Now, I just have to pray that the entire house isn't hugging the toilet by week's end.


Erika said...

She is the throw up queen. Maybe you should rethink the strawberry milk. Yuck!

Erika said...

Lay off woman, I used my money I earned advertising on my Diaryland blog. :p

carrie said...

I hope you all don;t get sick. My family got sick one time at Christmas and we had to rearrange X-mas plans because the kids were running fevers. Sickness is terrible at holidays!

Rebecca said...

I have to agree with Erika about the strawberry milk. :) Hope y'all are ok over thanksgiving.
I also think vinyl flooring is good. Did you know if you drop something on a tile floor, sometimes the tile will crack. It is just lovely:(