Monday, November 19, 2007

Cornbread and Laundry

The house is a bustle today with activity. I am getting ready for Thanksgiving in the midst of all the laundry that Monday always has to offer. I am already on my third load and I also have my third skillet of cornbread in the oven. I always prepare the cornbread on Monday so that it's out of the way. And tomorrow, Madalyn has her Thanksgiving Musical at her preschool. That should be interesting. She can be quite the entertainer in the privacy of our own home, but something tells me that when she sees all those people in the audience, she will completely shut down. One extreme or the other, though, guaranteed. David has his Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow, so Madalyn and I will get our dose of public school lunch food. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad last year. The dressing was a little strange and runny, but the rest was quite good. Nothing like my feast however!

This will be the fifth year I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house and done the bulk of the cooking. I do turkey, ham, green bean casserole, veggies, and dressing, of course. I don't do giblet gray, however, and never will. I don't boil turkey innards and do anything with them. Despite the fact that I will be completely worn out by the end of the week, I actually enjoy it all. There is something so satisfying about planning and preparing and pulling off a meal of that magnitude. Last year was a light crowd, but this year we will be at full capacity. Scott's grandfather is suffering from stage four lung cancer, and this may be his last Thanksgiving with us. Very sad, but it seems a bit ironic because he has battled emphysema for over a decade now. So, I am sure that this year will be a special one. And I think that's what satisfies me most. That for one day of the year, my house can be transformed into a place of love and laughter. And these are the memories my children and the rest of our family will have forever.


Erika said...

I'm actually using a brine for my turkey this year. Go me. We were at a housewarming Sat night and someone recommended it, so I found the recipe on the Food Network. We'll see how it goes. Alas, this will be my first t-day without cornbread dressing. I just don't think I have time to pull it off with everything else.

carrie said...

Hats off to you and Erika. I still go to my paretns house. I do not do the Thanksgviving cooking. If so, we might would have turkey sandwiches (just kidding)! I hope your meal goes well!