Friday, November 2, 2007

"Canny, chwochwate, and loddypops!"

Those are the words of Madalyn, and I tried to be as phonetically accurate as I could be. Though I am sure my spell check will go crazy! That's what my little Cinderella got in her pumpkin on Halloween. At least after I convinced her that it was okay to get out there in the dark around boys and girls dressed in scary masks. Once she walked up to the first door and realized that they were giving out "canny", that was all she wrote! And David was in rare form. He woke up on a sugar high, I promise! His school, for some crazy reason, scheduled a field trip for that day to the Children's Theater. So he had twice the excitement pulsing through his veins for the day. I was sure that his head would pop right off or he would have to move his clip at school. I am happy to report that neither occurred.

We had a good time, as we went for the first year outside our neighborhood and trick or treated with friends this year. It is so strange now that David has begun to make his own friends. And I am especially glad that we get along great with his parents. Of course, would I really have allowed him to cultivate such a great friendship with a kid if I didn't like their parents? I think not. One of the advantages to having a young child - you can still control their life without them really realizing it. As usual, I always get a little blue around these types of "holidays". And I do use that term loosely with Halloween. I am always by myself with the kids. That is just the way it has always been. Scott is in the car business and that equals very long hours, especially at the end of the month when you are on the crunch to get as many cars out for the month as you can. He did make it there for the tricking and treating around eight, but there is always that time before he gets there that I look around and see all these families together and I just get a little frustrated. But what are we supposed to do? That is the life we have. And for the majority of the time, we do fine. But there are those times when I secretly wish that our lives were normal. That he just worked five days a week and got home by six every night. But if that were the case, I would probably not be able to stay at home with my children anymore. Everything's a trade-off, I always say. So I am better today after I vented all of my frustrations out on my dear friend's ears. And I just have to remind myself that even on its worst day, my life is truly wonderful!
And this is just a snapshot from yesterday. No, I did not allow my 2 year-old daughter to dress as a street walker for Halloween! I just let her do that in the privacy of our own home.


Erika said...

I just don't see how you can ever be aggrevated at that sweet little doll baby of a girl. :) (*snort*)

Rebecca said...

I like the fact that at this age you can still raid their "loot" and they won't miss anything. I think Brooks is on to me though. Cute pictures!

carrie said...

I understand your frustrations on your job. For a good deal of Brad's working career, he was in mortgage and at times worked nearly 80 hours a week. I never saw him. I can relate. I will pray that he can find something that allows him to be at home more and you stay home!