Wednesday, November 28, 2007

But what does it do?

The common conversation around households everywhere, I am sure - Mom or Dad to little child, "Look at this. Isn't this cool?" Child's response, "Yes, but what does it do?" It doesn't matter if it is a perfect replica of the White House down to every doorknob and window pane, if it doesn't light up or make hideous noises, they don't believe it is of value. A couple of weeks ago, my mom and me and the kids made our annual trek to the Hallmark store to purchase ornaments. My mom has bought me a Winnie the Pooh Christmas ornament for I don't know how many years. And even though my adoration for the Pooh Bear is waning, I still look forward to the ornament each year as well as unpacking my entire collection. I guess it is just the little girl that still breathes somewhere deep inside me. So this year, David was having major decision issues. He really wanted the ornament that was a PlayStation controller mainly because that's what he really wants for Christmas. And that would have been perfect, but they were out of that one. Then he starts looking at all these crazy ones. One was an ESPN TV that played that goofy little tune when you pressed the button. How ridiculous, I thought, but how wonderful was David's response. I told him he ought to pick something that meant something, that signified a part of his life for that year. And then I showed him this adorable little golf cart ornament. You see, David played in his first golf tournament this past summer, and what better way to remember it by than with a Hallmark Keepsakes ornament (I can't believe I didn't get paid for that last statement). And his freaking response was, "But what does it do?" Are you kidding me? It is a Christmas ornament not an entertainment device. Is this how far we've come? Has it really come to this? So then I had to explain the purpose of an Ornament - to adorn the tree, not make noise and light up - and after about fifteen more minutes of his internal deliberation, he finally picked up the golf cart and sealed the deal.

It was brought back to my mind as this morning, I had to explain an age-old concept to Madalyn. You see, the power inexplicably went off. What made it so funny is that it went off midway of shutting the power operated garage door. So I had to get the step stool and manually pull it down. Of course little Madalyn was so confused. "What you doing, mama?" She has never really experienced the power being out, or at least has never been fully aware. And I knew there would be hell to pay when she discovered that she couldn't watch Dora. I had to go around from room to room showing Madalyn that nothing worked. Not the lights, not the fans, and certainly not the TV. And then, she looked at me with those big brown eyes, and I could tell she was thinking, "Well, what the heck am I supposed to do now?"

Being the great mom that I am (HA!) I reminded her of the big wagon of mega blocks in her brother's room. She quickly agreed that was a fantastic idea. So we dumped them all out and combined them with the set that she has and we built a house for Cinderella and had a big time. But it does make you realize how dependent we have gotten on all the electronic things. I admit that even I was a bit frustrated when the power went out. I couldn't vacuum, I couldn't wash clothes. You just feel a but helpless. Thank goodness it only happens every once in a while! So we made it through the outage in time for Diego. And that makes any two year old happier than you can imagine!

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Erika said...

I am amazed that you even tried to explain to David the meaning of a keepsake ornament.