Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sweet Silence

It is completely silent in the house right now. No Sponge Bob or Dora in the background. No screaming between siblings. This is the first silence I have experienced in one solid week. The kids have been out for "Fall Break" which takes place at the end of the first nine weeks. David, my 1st grader, went back yesterday, and Madalyn went to preschool today. I think the school board wants us to believe that the teachers and administration need a few days to get grades together for report cards. I, however, believe that they just need a few days away from our very loud and demanding children. A little quietness in the halls... it is good for the soul.

Yesterday I received settlement statements from my health insurance company. David was hospitalized about three weeks ago for asthma issues. This was our first experience in six years with the hospital. We have been very fortunate with the health of our children. So, I really had no idea what to expect to have to pay. My husband had a freak accident at home over the summer and had to visit the emergency room. I have also received settlement statements from that in the past couple of weeks. I'll be up front - we pay a hefty $675 a month for our health insurance. Not cheap, but what do you do? Now I find out that I will have to pay $150 to the ER for David, then another $300 to Children's Hospital for the 36 hours he needed to stay there, as well as $223 to the orthopedic doctor for Scott's stinking boot he needed to be able to walk after breaking his foot. Am I crazy, or does this seem a bit ridiculous? We pay a little over $8000 annually for our health insurance. And to date, this year, they have not paid out that much on our behalf. The only year they paid out more than what we have paid in was the year my daughter was born. It is frustrating for young families (especially those in commission based fields such as ours) to have to pay such high premiums and then be expected to pay additional funds. All for the the privilege of a reputable named insurance company to negotiate payment terms for you. I am beginning to sound like a Democrat! Don't get me wrong, I love my private health insurance and the quality medical treatment I receive. But the average ordinary family in America just needs a break.

Okay, now that I have that off my chest I can go back to the silence. I definitely need to quiet my head.


Erika said...

That is an advantage Larry and I have working together, he can get single coverage and I get me and the kids, definitely cheaper. Kristie even went for a few years without insurance just because it was so much.

Rebecca said...

I am no expert, but since I work in medial billing, I will tell you what you can try. If you have cash or a credit card :) you could try calling the billing places and ask them if you paid the bill all at one time, would they give you a discount. It doesn't always work, but a lot of places will help you out. I am completely with you on how crazy and expensive it all is. Don't even get me started! P.S. Love the blogs1

carrie said...

Tamara, glad to see you have joined us in this world of communication when you live miles apart! Can't wait to catch up with your life like I have with Erika, Rebecca, and Kristin!