Monday, October 22, 2007

One Quick Thought

Tonight, it is official. The kids have definitely taken over the house and are out to do me in. David is in the tub singing his own rendition of a song apparently entitled "Shake Your Body" - I believe that to be the title because those are the only words to the song. There are various and sundry sound effects and dances that go with the song that sort of remind me of my bar-hopping days. And his counterpart, Madalyn, is in the bathroom in front of the tub copying every noise he makes. All this at the top of their very small yet effective lungs. I think I will fix a Captain and Diet Coke in a few and wait till Daddy gets home to get them even more wound up than they already are. By the way, I do love my kids.

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Erika said...

I made a video of Larry winding the kids up last night. Oh, they were so nicely playing in Peyton's room getting ready to go to bed when he came home and then the "Funky Chicken" started. (By the way, are those quotes appropriate?)