Saturday, October 27, 2007

Busy, busy!

We have been a little busy the last couple of days. And I must report that both the children are still alive. Madalyn and I went back to Belk on Thursday morning to buy the pajamas that we had to leave behind on Wednesday. When I opened up the back gate of my gas-guzzler, I was stunned to see that the stroller was not there. I started freaking out internally. But then I realized it was a sign - one of those signs that you really don't want to read. We were just going to have to do this walking. So I lovingly told my Madalyn what we were about to do - walk in the store, get the pajamas, hold the hand - and what would happen to her if she didn't mind. Yes, I agree in corporal punishment. Spare the rod, spoil the child. I needn't say more. And we made it. No fits, no running, no screaming, no tears (from either of us). I was so relieved. I think it helped that her brother, aka cohort, partner in crime was not with us.

On Thursday evening, we headed to the school cafeteria for the 1st grade production of The Share Bears. I didn't really believe that pajamas, a painted on nose, and construction paper ears would make anyone look like a bear. But when you get about 300 of them all together on risers, it was quite convincing. Teachers amaze me. They are true miracles of humanity. I cannot imagine a day in my life where I would have the mental capacity or the fortitude to be around that many children. Much less teach them a musical and have them all stand on risers and sing together. Amazing. And I owe them the world, because I got this incredible picture of my son dressed as a bear. It will be priceless one day - oh, the bribery that could take place with this picture once puberty strikes. I love it!

On Friday, Madalyn's preschool had their Fall Festival. They have various little games and each class travels the second floor of the church from room to room doing the activities and getting little toys and candy. Our class was in charge of the Treasure Chest game. Real difficult - reach in the chest full of toys hidden by styrofoam peanuts. At least one child from each class walked up to the chest and picked up one of the styrofoam peanuts and put it in their bag. Too funny. Then we had to explain that there were actually things in the chest more exciting than a piece of styrofoam. And then there was the one child in every group that had to dig and dig and dig and dig and dig and pull up every toy he touched only to put it back and pull another hoping to find the coolest twenty cent toy in the box. Children are incredible creatures. They are each so different yet so much alike. It was enjoyable watching each group come in and do their thing. The best part, however, was watching each class walk out the door leaving a trail of styrofoam behind them.


Kristin said...

Your kids are so very cute! I can't believe how old they are - of course, I can't always believe how old my own are.

carrie said...

Beautiful children! They look so happy. It's hard to believe such a sweet looking girl could throw such a fit! Aren't children good at hiding that side if they want to?

Erika said...

I can't believe how big Madalyn is getting! I can't wait to see you guys. Yay!